Affilates Program

At JOSE CANDIDO | Concept Store we greatly value content creation and product reviews. Furthermore we want to establish, from the beginning, a close partnership with content creators as they play a vital role on the success of any Fashion-driven company. The Affiliates Program acknowledges two main important demands: the need for a store to improve sales and the rightfully ambition of any content creator to value its work.

The Program works for 3 months (renewable) during which Affiliate receives at least 3 products available at our store and a -20% discount code. Affiliates are free to promote JOSE CANDIDO | Concept Store as they please. For each successful purchase at JOSE CANDIDO | Concept Store we will reward the Affiliate with a 5% commission of the total sale value.

Payments are transferred in the end of each month via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Apply to the Affiliate Program to: