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ALIEN Flora Futura
ALIEN Flora Futura
ALIEN Flora Futura

ALIEN Flora Futura


Brand: Mugler

Also receive: 1 Gift with Purchase, 2 samples and Pass to the JC Family

Alien Flora Futura celebrates the beauty of otherness: the beauty of being yourself, being different, being original. But also the beauty of hope. A hope and a uniqueness that are embodied in a desert flower. A flower of the future that blooms in a world of light. 

Alien Flora Futura proves to be as mystical as it is precious. A luminous gemstone containing a lightweight essence that will enhance your personality.
This fresh and sparkling Eau de Toilette belongs to the Floral Green Amber fragrance family and unfolds in three successive notes:
- Energising Revelation: Orange
- Radiant Revelation: Jasmine
- Enveloping Revelation: White Amber

The iconic Alien Talisman bottle blossoms in a new, more feminine and crystalline shade for Alien Flora Futura. The deep amethyst colour makes way for a delicate orange-pink, encapsulating the flower of the future. An orangey-pink reminiscent of the dawn of a new day, when the world’s darkness gives way to a light full of hope and optimism.



Longevity: 50%

USAGE: Party


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