AURA BOTANICA Bain Micellaire

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AURA BOTANICA Bain Micellaire
AURA BOTANICA Bain Micellaire
AURA BOTANICA Bain Micellaire

AURA BOTANICA Bain Micellaire


Brand: Kerastase

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This gentle cleansing shampoo, naturally colored by caramel pigments, is a unique alliance of natural origin surfactants that transform into a luxurious lather to cleanse away impurities, while preparing the fiber for optimal conditioner penetration to preserve nude touch and healthy glow. Unlike in most sulfate-free shampoos sulfate have been replaced with natural origin surfactant agents creating it’s remarkable light, airy yet substantial lather. Must always be used with Soin Fondamental. 

Gentle, yet effective 96% natural origin* formula transforms into a luxurious lather, cleansing away all impurities.  Responsibly sourced Samoan Coconut Oil and Moroccan Argan Oils nourish the hair fiber. Natural micelles cling to dirt and impurities, removing them efficiently to deliver a shiny finish and nude touch. Highlighted by an aromatic fragrance of sweet orange essential oil.

Must be used with Soin Fondamental for optimal results.

*We consider ingredients to be of natural origin if they retain more than 50% of their molecular structure after being processed from a natural source.

    How to Apply Apply the shampoo to wet hair, massage well to release its rich, airy lather and aromatic fragrance. Rinse well. Perform two shampoos before proceeding to Soin Fondamental.
    • 48 hours durable nutrition
    • No silicones, no sulfates
    • 72 hours anti-frizz
    • Gentle cleansing
    • 3X Shinier hair
    • Aeromatic
    • 96% Naturally derived formulae

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