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Beauty in Perfumery

Is there Beauty in Perfumery?

Let us, for this matter, assume two positions: beauty is an aesthetical formulation and beauty is linked to pleasure. Hence something is beautiful because it pleases us when we experience it: it can be a person, an object or even a moment.

Experiencing a perfume is not just smell it. Actually our aesthetical experience when it comes to applying a perfume to the skin is much more previous than the vaporization: it always starts with the advertising, the first moment of seduction. Then, once you have it, the perfume is not just the liquid – called le jus – but it also about the package, the bottle and, of course, the flavor.

I think Good Girl, the huge 2017 success, can be a good way to state my position. Many people bought it because of the bottle, no question about that, but was it just the shoe-shaped bottle? The first encounter between the perfume and its audience was the TV commercial: it was bold, feminine and aggressive but then you see the package, an almost velvet package that obviously pictures the delicate rib every woman has. The bottle and le jus were almost a synthesis of the TV commercial and the package: a strong projection of the contemporary woman. It is beautiful because one is pleased to experience the whole pack.

Is there beauty in perfumery? Of course. You can see it either upon one perspective, like the magical mixture of certain aromas, and you can see it by experience a perfume as an end product of contemporary culture.

José Cândido | September 2018