How soon is too soon to wear Makeup?

How soon is too soon to wear Makeup?

August 2019. John Lewis and MAC cancelled the "Back to School" makeup masterclass for children from 10 to 13 years old after so much parents' criticism on the Facebook event's page. The issue raised the question of how soon is too soon to wear makeup?

How soon is too soon to wear makeup?

The event notice took place on Facebook and it is common knowledge that social networks don't do users' segmentation so virtually anyone had access to this event page. The criticism populated at the same rate as young children payed the £30 cost of this masterclass being the children's age the major topic discussed. My starting question is why would a 10 years old child want to do a makeup workshop?

Makeup seeks to enhance our beauty and make us feel more beautiful, that is the classic definition. Evidences show that the 11 years old Cleopatra used makeup on a daily basis and it gained the attention of Julius Caeser; reports also say that high-society teenagers on the XVIIIth century wore heavy doses of makeup on public events to attract young gentlemen. The thing is always using makeup as part of the seduction process. But do modern women use makeup only to seduce men? I think not.

My previous article was about Beauty and the Socratic definition of it. For him, Beauty is what it is appropriate; which leads me to the question whether it can be considered appropriate for a 10 year old child to wear makeup? It remains for the parents to answer.

I think the question for the public shouldn't be the age but the reason. I cannot discuss how soon is too soon to wear makeup but the purpose of a 10 year old girl wants to wear makeup; you see there are so many reasons for this girl to use makeup but there's one that keeps coming to my mind which is to hide her imperfections and to be a celebrity among her school colleagues. This is the trigger for bullying and it can undermine this girls's natural growth. Yes, peer pressure will make other girls feel the same need to wear makeup as well. Ultimately I think it is the parents responsibility to educate their children to use makeup, to try lipsticks, to not do war paints with eyeshadows but, above all, to use it wisely as they grow from children to teenagers and then to young women.