L’Interdit – Givenchy

L’Interdit – Givenchy

A tribute to bold feminism. The concept that generates this perfume from Givenchy shows a reality that today is still a flag of struggle: girl empowerment. More than a set of political solutions or social campaigns is an attitude and it is precisely this attitude that L'Interdit seeks to explore.

The fragrance is presented as an Oriental Floral composition, like the great hits of contemporary feminine perfumery - for example Good Girl or Yes I Am - with a very interesting Tuberosa accent combined with Orange Blossom; The sensuality of Jasmine and Patchouli also quite well combines the mysterious character of Vetiver. It is a fragrance that explores very well the character of the cosmopolitan woman: strong, determined, successful, sensual and, above all, very bold in a very well achieved balance, in my opinion, of white floral elements with intense woody fragrance.

A note to the bottle as a round, well-crafted object with well-cut lines. An eclectic accessory that aims to reflect the versatility of the person wearing it.

From my point of view, L'Interdit has all the arguments needed to become a 21st century female perfumery classic with the huge mediatism that your ad brought. I will be here to watch the consecration of this perfume.

José Cândido | November 2019