Narciso For Her


Olfactory Family: Floral Woody Musk.
Les Nez: Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdijan (2003)
Top Notes: Osmanthus, African Orange Flower and Bergamot.
Middle Notes: Amber and Musk.
Base Notes: Vetiver, Vanilla and Patchoulli.

Black bottle and pink package. Two colors that can easily describe this perfume: a sweet, delicate accent that is balanced by a darker, sharper aroma. "For Her" is the major hit from Narciso Rodriguez and it is a perfume that has such an aggressive introduction of musk and amber at the center of the fragrance that deeply contrast with perfect lines and delicate design of the bottle and package. A fragrance that has its own EdP ("eau de parfum") and EdT ("eau de toilette") fans.

JC Review This is, actually, my aunt's favorite fragrance. Yet I find it a very powerful feminine statement because it can be both as aggressive - in a very feminine way - as delicate - as our mothers can be. I particularly like the top notes with a orange blossom that is almost unique and can be so fresh! This is, definitely, a fragrance for our mothers and aunts.