3-DOT LINER #01-black 0.7 ml

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3-DOT LINER #01-black 0.7 ml
3-DOT LINER #01-black 0.7 ml
3-DOT LINER #01-black 0.7 ml

3-DOT LINER #01-black 0.7 ml


Marca: Clarins

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This revolutionary eye liner is back, now enriched with a new formula. The clever triple point sponge applicator helps you deliver precise lines and intense colour with ease. The space between each lash can be filled in 'dot by dot' to naturally accentuate the eyes and add volume to the lashes. And, you can get longer, stronger lashes with the Be Long Lash Complex.


  • Easy dot-by-dot application
  • Promotes lash growth
  • Flatters the eyes and adds volume to the lashes
Como Usar To use as a standard eyeliner, tilt the applicator and trace a fine line along the lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. To accentuate the eyes, apply dot by dot along the lash line, filling the space between each lash. This technique adds volume to the lashes and produces a natural look result.

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