Anne Möller

ANNE MÖLLER | BLOCKÂGE detox booster 10 ml

Anne Möller

ANNE MÖLLER | BLOCKÂGE detox booster 10 ml

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The perfect ally to give your skin a vitality boost when it needs it the most, purifying and energizing from whithin.

With a 98% of natural origin ingredients.
Formula enriched with phytoplankton extract, that promotes detoxification and celular energy, and ginger extract, famous for its antioxidant properties.

Mix 2 drops with 1 pump of Blockâge cream or gel for added sun protection. Apply to a clean face and neck.

For an intensive action that deeply detoxifies your skin, repeat this action twice a day.

70%* of improvement on detoxification of skin cells.

*In vitro test carried out by independent laboratories on the detoxification activity (GST activity) of Blockâge Detox Booster.

Dermatologically tested
Formulated with high-tolerance ingredients that respect your skin
With natural origin ingredients
Carton produced using sustainable forest management

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