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Omnia Paraiba
Omnia Paraiba
Omnia Paraiba

Omnia Paraiba


Marca: Bvlgari

Omnia Paraiba is inspired by one of the most unique gems on earth: the radiant Paraiba Tourmaline of Brazil.

Cátia Magalhães | I reached out JOSE CANDIDO by chance. Since this store was new to me I became a bit aprehensive as to the arrival of my order for the Omnia Paraiba. It came after a couple of days in perfect conditions, with some samples and a handwritten card. Definitely the customer care is top! Thanks JOSE CANDIDO. 


Olfactory Family: Floral Fruity.
Le Nez: Alberto Morillas (2015).
Top Notes: Bitter Orange and Passionfruit.
Middle Notes: Gardenia and Passion Flower.
Base Notes: Vetiver and Cacao Pod.

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