Perfumes as magical Gifts.

17 | 12 | 2019
Perfumes as magical Gifts.

Perfumes are small pieces of art. For me there’s the obvious perception of perfumery as some artistic craft with an abundance of creativity and that perfumes can be seen as liquid magic. Every time you spray a perfume into your skin you cast yourself into another world: a fantasy of beauty.

At Christmas I usually think on perfumes as gifts for the ones I love. That’s great because you are not offering some sort of a accessory but you are given liquid art closed on a beautiful glass bottle. There’s a certain aura about the Christmas perfume ads because it too reflects the magical character of this art pieces.

This magical world that is perfumery always fashioned me. These are my choices for this season. 

To all please accept my sincere and happy blessings,

Happy Christmas.

Terre Eau Vetiver
Daisy Dreams
Nina Ricci
Hugo Red

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