The 4 reasons why you should buy a new fragrance.

04 | 01 | 2021
The 4 reasons why you should buy a new fragrance.

Is it time to buy the same old perfume we are using since college? When do you start thinking on a new fragrance to best suit your purposes? Here are the 4 reasons why you should purchase a new fragrance!

1 – Aging. Fragrances should evolve with our aging, as well as fashion. We all loved to wear some clothes when we were teenagers that, as adults, do not suit us. The same should occur with fragrances. It is called aging. I strongly advise you to change your signature fragrance all 5 years, at least.

2- Personality. Chanel No.5 or Miss Dior can deploy you a lot of projection, no doubts about that, but being all the time with these fragrances can also have a negative impact in your reputation. I don’t like people that are changing their opinions every 2 hours, as I don’t like people that changes their perfume in the same manner. But, occasionally, changing my perspective is a sign of a good and healthy personality.

3- Lifestyle. If you use the same fragrance for work and for special events something wrong is happening with you. I strongly recommend you wear different perfumes for different occasions.

4- Supply. It might seem nonsense, but the spectrum of new and different fragrances is widening every year and it is almost impossible to not find a new perfume that meets our tastes and expectations.

José Cândido | January 2021

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