The fragrance for the typical Millenial

31 | 03 | 2019
The fragrance for the typical Millenial

I was yet to born when the first Poison from Dior came to life. It was, as some older people said to me, a fragrance to impress, a "must-have" in the upper classes saloons. The distinctive oriental scent was bottled into a forbidden fruit-like bottle: it was poisonous!

Nowadays house Dior faced the same challenge of creating something unique, regarding its tradition, to engage younger people, namely, Millenials. Poison Girl is a mix of something old (the bottle and the oriental scent) with the sparkling touch of Vanilla. If you want the perfect picture to describe this scent is like listening to a very old classic play with a modern, vibrant and perhaps electrical rhythm.  

The composition is a very balanced formula with some Citric elements with floral accords and some voluptuous scents as Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Tolu Balsam. One could judge this fragrance for the variety of its elements but, truly, they combine elegantly as the various instruments on an orchestra.

I would recommend Poison Girl to young, modern, cosmopolitan girls that like to balance a working routine with playful events.

José Cândido | March 2019

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