The perfume for the Modern Successful Millenial

24 | 04 | 2019
The perfume for the Modern Successful Millenial

Giorgio Armani Si Passione is the ultimate fragrance for Modern Millenials, in my opinion. It embodies all the features that we see on successful woman: tenacity, determination, strenght and, above all, mesmerizing beauty and minimalistic elegance. Undoubtely the persona that fits to this incarnation of the modern goddess is my fellow Portuguese Sara Sampaio.

"This sparkling, fruity floral scent with notes of rose & woody vanilla was created for the woman who is passionate, feminine, and free". The fragrance develops a special Floral Fruity since it has some exquisite accords mixed together: Jasmin Absolute (to deliver elegance), Blackcurrant Nectar (that casts an explosion of sweetness to Top Notes) and Vanilla to deploy an extraordinary sensuality to the entire composition.

The striking red color of the bottle captures the essence of passion, and in Mr. Armani's own words, is "an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit". Red is the key element to understant the generator concept of this perfume: an olfactive interpretation of the pathos  of Passion, the pleasure and the pain associated to that. Passion, Love, Seduction: how they shape our life and how the promote the best and the worse of our human condition.

There are two kinds of people that would fit to this fragrance: Millenial people to wear it as a special events perfume or mature woman on a daily basis in a mainly working environment.

José Cândido | April 2019

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