A masterpiece of seduction

12 | 10 | 2018
A masterpiece of seduction

Slowly, steady and confident. The process of seduction is a refined art for the Hugo Boss man, it is a well-trained, almost natural, procedure. The Scent’s release is, in my opinion, the late awakening of Hugo Boss for a growing demand of the contemporary man to cast, throw his perfume, a part of his identity.

Man do want to hear about a good perfume to seduce; it does not mean they will use it or even they will not question this advice, but they always want to know which perfume is best to seduce. It can be said that The Scent keeps the freshness line of every male Hugo Boss fragrance, using Lavender and some citric elements, though the presence of Maninka and, specially, Ginger deploy some spicy, alluring, seductive charisma to this fragrance. It involves, vibrates and cherish a woman, some girls said to me.

A perfume to seduce. It would be my first reaction to The Scent. I wouldn’t recommend it as a daily fragrance, it wasn’t meant to be and, worse, it can transform the person that uses it daily into some poor and cheap personality. Guys, this perfume is to parties, to date and, eventually, to some very special occasions. Don’t use it otherwise!

José Vicente Cândido | Outubro 2018

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