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Marca: Tiffany & Co

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Tiffany has a fairly long perfume history from the late 80's though a very short portfolio. In 2017 the "Tiffany & Co" was launched and embraced a new image for the brand: clean, straight-lines and turquoise color. The bottle casts perfectly the idea of a fragrance that is mainly floral and, yet, it as a bitter acidic start from a citric orchestra.

JOSE CANDIDO review I must admit I didn't knew this brand and "Tiffany & Co" was a sort of a blind test. I was allured by its package and bottle, as any ordinary perfume consumer, that captivate me from the beginnig. The fragance, though, it was a shock to me: I was expecting something similar to My Burberry but it came to be way better. Smooth, soft, delicate, floral. Love it! (2018)

Olfactory Family: Floral.
Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot and Mandarin Orange.
Middle Notes: Rose, Peach, Black Currant and Iris.
Base Notes: Musk and Patchouli.

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