Top 3 female perfumes for this summer 2019

Spring is coming! 

You should have a different perfume for summer and winter, that must be lighter and, above all, fresher. Brands become aware of that and they launched summer versions of their most important aromas. Some people asked me for a female summer fragrance and I now present you 3 different suggestions:

Giorgio Armani | Acqua di Gioia EdT:  "Acqua di Gioia" was released in March 2010 as the feminine version of "Acqua di Gio", the most notorious "Giorgio Armani" perfume. great fragrance for those (not so few) women that love floral scents but dislike sweet ingredients. It's fresh, vibrant and it's aquatic, just perfect for summer holidays.

Rochas | Mademoiselle Rochas:  excellent fragrance encapsulated in an elegant bottle. Chic and sparkling, Mademoiselle Rochas embodies the Parisian attitude through its freshness and playful spirit. 

"Dolce & Gabbana | Light Blue: Light Blue is still one of the most popular and best-selling perfumes worldwide. There is a certain aura in this perfume. The fragrance is an electrifying Fruity Floral with a base of Amber and Musk very comfortable and that plays with chords as alive as the Apple, the Rose and the Sicilian Lemon. A successful formula!

 José Cândido | March 2019