Vacation at Pantellerie. 20 years later.

30 | 09 | 2018
Vacation at Pantellerie. 20 years later.

Armani’s must successful perfume is now celebrating its 20th anniversary! Acqua di Gio is, still, the ultimate summer cologne every man can get, I think. No chance about that! It was thought during Giorgio Armani’s vacation summer at Pantellerie as a summer fragrance that would inspire young boys in the late 90’s but it would not be aligned to a generation: it is a multi-generation perfume, having consumers from all ages. 
The leading concept of this perfume is, naturally, freshness: a fresh fragrance for a customer that is getting more and more concern about his personal toilette, comfort and good looking. The presence of floral and aquatic accords deploys the customer to a vacation experience, near the Ocean. It is as simple as that! 
The simplicity of the fragrance is transported to a modest bottle and package where you can acknowledge the elegance and charm of the modern man, without many props or large illusions, in clear straight lines, white background and a textured package and lettering. 

José Cândido | March 2017

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