VINOTHÉRAPIE Organic Herbal Tea 30 gr

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VINOTHÉRAPIE Organic Herbal Tea 30 gr

VINOTHÉRAPIE Organic Herbal Tea 30 gr


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The Organic Herbal Tea contains a blend of five powerful organic plants: cinnamon*, blueberry*, red vine*, sweet orange peel* and blackcurrant*.

Created exclusively for the Herbal Tearoom at the Vinothérapie Spa, in Bordeaux, this delicious herbal tea has a draining and detoxifying effect to help eliminate toxins and excess water, ideal for a slimming and cleansing routine.

Cinnamon adds a kick to the infusion before giving way to more delicate aromas.

Benefits :

  • Drains
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins
  • Provides moment of well-being
Como Usar Infuse a tea bag in just-boiled water for 5 minutes or infuse 3 tea bags in 1.5 litres of water and enjoy throughout the day. Serve hot or over ice for a cooling effect.
Vinotherapist’s advice: Complete your cleansing routine, by adding a splash of lemon juice or slices of orange to your tea. It’s delicious to drink throughout the day!
Ingredientes 100% ingredients of natural origin.

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