You have to try this "off-mainstream" perfume.

22 | 01 | 2019
You have to try this

I am writing this review close to Rodin's "The Age of Bronze", a magnificent bronze statue back from 1871, the beginnings of Modern Art. Rodin, today one of the most renown artists, was, in fact, declined to be a student for the parisian L' Academie de Beaux-Arts. He was a sort of a special person, a "privé".

I've chosen this piece of art as the perfect resemblance to 1 Million Privé because, in a way, both works can be taken as "off-mainstream" outputs of great artistic character. 1 Million Privé is an intimate, unique, refined and special development of the notorious 1 Million but it is also the ultimate perfumery artwork that, like "The Age of Bronze", can be seen as critic to its contemporary works since both challenge the archetypes of their time.

I would recommend you to see and experience both objects as they, at least for me, delivered such a huge aesthetical delight.

José Cândido | January 2019

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