SERIOXYL Volumizing Coloured Spray 200ml


SERIOXYL Volumizing Coloured Spray 200ml

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How to Apply Shake well. Spray approximately 15 cm from roots onto a dry scalp. Leave for approximately 1 minute before styling as usual.

Volumising and bodyfying coloured spray for thinning hair.


  • Conceals sparse areas on the scalp
  • Adds volume and body
  • Give a natural-looking instant densifying effect
  • Hypoallergenic formula suitable for sensitive scalps

Match your hair color

  • From black hair to dark brown hair: pick the black spray
  • From dark brown hair to medium brown hair: pick the darker brown spray
  • From Medium brown hair to light brown hair: pick the lighter brown spray
  • For blond hair: pick the blond spray
  • For silver hair: pick the grey spray

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