Snow White's Perfume?

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Snow White's Perfume?

The moment any consumer enters a perfumery to choose a new perfume, brands battle each other over the success or failure of their fragrances. In fact, the quantity and diversity of perfumes that currently exists on the market compel perfume brands to develop much more than excellent fragrances (a good fragrance is just not good enough, stated the chairlady of the Estée Lauder Group) and that they go through captivating bottles and packaging and, above all, sweeping stories. 
A good fragrance does not make a good perfume as a good story does not create an excellent fragrance. There is some magical, transcendent, metaphysical, and supernatural phenomenon associated with perfumes: they play with our emotions and carry us, often, to the level of Fantasy and Myth. This is the case of Lanvin's Modern Princess. 
The association of this perfume with Snow White is glaring. Just see the ad! A woman who, on one hand, is a princess who is allowed to meet by a prince in her bed and whose union is sealed by a kiss, is the same princess who, before that moment, lives by the most brutal and savage laws of the nature of human beings, becoming a secret agent and a "femme fatale", perhaps, whose mission is ... to save the world. It is in this almost typically feminine duality that the Modern Princess idea stands. 
The fragrance is a seductive combination of intense fruity elements - Red Currant and ... Red Apple - with various aromatic flowers such as Freesia, Vanilla Orchid and Jasmine. 
Versatile and multifaceted, just like the modern woman, the bottle is in a vertical signature, through sensual lines. A metal chain - a symbol of the "Maison Lanvin" - elegantly wraps around the bottle neck. In tune with this spirit of contradiction, modern carton transmits the same character of duality in color: an explosion of incarnate contrasts with the sparkling white logo, synonymous with absolute purity.

José Cândido | June 2017